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I am working with Dr. Milena Droumeva (PI) on a project funded by the SSHRC Insight Development Grant and in partnership with the VanCity Office of Community Engagement. Soundscapes of Livability is a project which investigates the sonic dimensions of urban livability.

"By listening to the city reflexively, relationally and historically this work updates soundscape conservationist approaches by focusing on unfolding discoures of design innovation and livability and their intersections with contested narratives of inhabitance, indigeneity, and cultural coexistence in urban space."

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In fall 2018, I began a project examining the sonic relationship between spaces in which sex work takes place and the surrounding neighbourhoods. As subjects, I considered the sonic profiles of three strip clubs in greater Vancouver: The Penthouse in Yaletown, The No. 5 Orange in the Downtown East Side, and The Paramount in New Westminster. Through examining the sonic relationship between these clubs and their neighbourhoods, I was struck by the tolerance for the club to make itself sonically “obvious” in certain neighbourhoods, but not others. This led me towards a question of who makes the noise ordinances and the rationale behind them? Each case study presented in this paper contains an acoustic ecosystem unique to the venue and neighbourhood. 

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